The unfortunate habit of uncritically repeating vile slanders is commonplace and Jewish Bolshevism, particularly in relation to Zionism, is not only a claim that could not be further at odds with history rendering it utterly absurd, and that a race of people have a genetic predisposition to behave in a particular way is not possible in today’s world as the genetic difference that exists between races is no greater than that that exists within each race.

A cursory study of the Russian Revolution that is claimed to be have been funded by the Rothschild reveals just how ludicrous this claim is, as what distinguished the Bolsheviks from all other parties was their hostility to any compromise with the capitalists, the abolishing of capitalist property rights and the socialization of land and pulling out of the imperialist war.

These were all carried out upon the seizure of power. The pulling out of the war, is what forced America to commit troops, as a loss would have cost them a fortune, which the implementation of socialist property rights did, as semi-feudal Russia represented a enormous potential for capital expansion of this huge resource rich nation, that had commenced with US dollars being poured into Russian industry for manufacturing the weapons of war. The moment the Bolsheviks won power Lenin made his famous “land decree” effectively shutting out the west from the entire country. This is something capitalist bankers saw as an opportunity to invest in???

The reason for this piece of propaganda is that capitalist private property is central to control of world finances and the populations, not the banking system…money is useless without resources. America can print money, but need s resources and that is what she attempting to get through military means now. The west wish to bury the fact that the Bolsheviks banned capitalist private property lest people realize it significance.

The fed cannot just print money. Debt is a call on future labor, and any large debts have collateral to secure them. Debt cannot be expanded beyond the capacity for future labor to meet repayments, other wise the currency collapses or at best is heavily devalued to bring debt back within the necessary parameters.

Summing up with regard to the 1917 Land Decree, Lenin’s inclusion of the clause, “Private ownership of land shall be abolished for ever…and become the property of the whole people…” (full quote above) must be seen as laying a basis for the future, when the development of industry could provide the necessary tools, tractors, etc., and the organizing of a conscious rural proletariat would enable the working class to fully introduce the socialist system to the countryside, not by force, but through patient explanation and example. So then, how is Lenin’s view of this goal for the peasantry different from that of the SRs, who authored the decree’s specifics in 242 resolutions of peasant soviets, and whose aim was more in line with securing the petty-bourgeois peasantry on the land?

(Lenin). When asked after the passage of the Land Decree why he had applied the agrarian program of the SRs instead of his own, he said:
“Voices are being raised here that the decree itself and the Mandate were drawn up by the Socialist-Revolutionaries. What of it? Does it matter who drew them up? As a democratic government, we cannot ignore the decision of the masses of the people…. Let the peasants solve this problem from one end and we shall solve it from the other. Experience will allow us to draw together in the general stream of revolutionary creative work, in the elaboration of new state farms. We must be guided by experience; we must allow complete freedom to the creative faculties of the masses.”

While the old, Tsarist government had only “fought the peasants,” Lenin continued:

“The peasants have learned something during the eight months of our revolution; they want to settle all land problems themselves. We are therefore opposed to all amendments to this draft law. We want no details in it, for we are writing a decree, not a programme of action…. The point is that the peasants should be firmly assured that there are no more landowners in the countryside, that they themselves must decide all questions, and that they themselves must arrange their own lives.”

The Bolsheviks opposed the formation of the Zionist state in 1948, and are still a vocal critic opposing Zionism

The economic, social and political disaster produced by the Zionist project

This is all first hand primary evidence that is entirely consistent with historical events and the orientation of the Bolshevik party, whose member ship of Jews as a percentage never exceeded 7.1%
Jewish Bolshevism is DE-bunked.