Liverpool, Australia

Oct 28, 2010

Australian are very rude and have very little culture. They are blunt and arrogant because they have no concept of decorum. You will never be apart of their group if you don’t swear, drink, fart, go for a football team, have an view about any other race. Australians seem to think they are the be all and end all of human existence, yet their history is completely based on criminal back grounds.

It is very clear that most of the achievements that Australia has was done by immigrants and even they are poisoned by the Aussie mentality. As help from one of them to assist someone from a non English background to better them selves. Ask them to show you how to fit in or learn the work they do. All you will receive is criticism, put downs or comments like “Its not my responsibility to teach you how to do it”. Or what were you taught in your country.
Never are you praised for good work thats up to you to do. They are short fused poorly cultured people who have no idea or care about other cultures.
We are seeing a new era where there are more ethnic backgrounds then white Australians who are absorbing their mentality. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW.

Pure Denial
The constant dumbing down of humour and news, the inability of Australians to understand that my kids didn’t support the Wallabies, that I don’t delight in boat loads on asylum seeks drowning.

The Australians are unable to laugh at themselves; they all complain and ***** to each other about school policies, restaurant food and customer service and yet they look at you like an alien when you complain to the person who could actually change it! I am certain that the term whingeing pom is because British and Irish people actually stand up for themselves and voice an opinion.

Australians are so unfunny-dull-unaccepting of different opinions/options. “That’s the way we always do it” attitude drives me mentalbq facilities, awesome swimming pools and instruction, great Thai restaurants.
northlondonirish 46-506 Responses 12  Jul 21, 2013

I was born and bred here and I find most Australians to be the most backward people on earth I’ve met over the years. Even as a young kid I never felt like I fitted in anywhere because I find football and car racing boring, and prefer listening to classical music and reading than going to some loud, boring pub with a bunch of idiots. I’m no snob, but I find it very difficult to make friends even these days because most people here never question politicians or the media, they swallow everything they are told and never think for themselves.
Ozisanillusion41-45Jun 21

Utterly smug and arrogant, full of themselves _____pretend to know something, the rest of to world don’t know nothing about…………….hhmm, what is there more to say
enoughisenough151-55, MOct 30, 20131 

The typical Australian attitude is to label someone a whinger when you point out problems like this, because they cannot get their act together and do something to make it better.

I am glad to left the country- I think Australia is only good for a few months stay, see a few things ( if you can afford to) THEN LEAVE!! If the place had been more affordable, more interesting and more diverse, it may be worth putting down roots there. But with the country the way it is, and the mentality of the people there, right now its not worth it!!
bsimm4246-50Jul 23, 20137
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I can’t believe that someone has written all of this genius thoughts in one article. I am amazed by the level of stupidity of Australians … surely they rank in the top 10 if not number one stupid nation in the world. You can never win an argument with them, as they connect all the wrong elements together making it impossible to unwind.
I would rather dig a well with my eyelashes than argue with some of them… seriously writing about this gave me a headache…

 I must agree I was born in Australia and have called it home for 33 years for the first time in my life I travelled overseas to Europe and when I returned to Australia I couldn’t help but notice how Ignorant, rude and completely stupid I ‘am and the rest of the country truly is. The culture here is so backwards with a society of people that can barley function properly together. We are a vindictive bunch of idiots. We have grown a culture of hate not only for people of any type of difference but also of ourselves. I couldn’t help but notice that in most of the European union people could speak there own native language as well as English. Most people in Australia struggle to read and write English and speak no other languages. I could just go on and on but I’m just going to end with Australians are stupid my self included.