There are so many aspects of what we put up with that are sheer idiocy I am bewildered most of the time why you would allow degenerates to control and destroy the only life you will ever have?

The capitalist wage/profit system has you pushed to wall for time because they are stealing your lives away. Do you think the CEO or board of directors rushes about under pressure like you do…..NO WAY? They have lenghty meetings, drinking cognacs and smoking cigars thanks to you, as they are not under the screws to produce you are…..and they want you producing as often and as much as you can for them. Why do you think they always say the best thing for an injured worker is to get back to work ASAP, even on light duties….because it it is good for you? They don’t give a fuck about you?

Eighty percent of what we produce is uneccesary bullshit to yeild profits. A resourced based economy with no profits means no time stress and co -operation instead of competition means we would only have to work 30 hours a week to have alot more than we do now on modelling I have read in the past, I think this is conservative.

The other consideration that is just as idiotic is, of the money they are forced to spend on us, over half goes to beating and jailing us and killing tens of millions in wars. How fucking stupid are you prepared to allow yourself to be? It is beyond irrational, it is beyond insanity….the level of stupidity required to continue like this is like a black hole.

Have you no self respect, no pride, no consideration for others that suffer much worse than we do to support our less onerous lives as brain dead slaves, because that is what everyone of you who put up with this are. All this bullshit about law and democracy and employment couched in their terms is gross stupidity and the theft of your right to chose how you want to live.

For fuck sake, become human beings, stop this endless nonsensical blather of Rothchild’s and parliament that leads nowhere and just stop doing this shit! Stop doing it all. Don’t front for work, don’t take kids to school, don’t watch the goddamn TV and stop buying their papers…..stop being lemmings